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Policy for saving data


We have a few basic rules:

-We will never divulge the information stored with us to an external party without your consent, or unless it is required by law.
-We only save information necessary for the services we provide on our servers.
-We store all data on private servers in Sweden.


In 2018 the laws concerning the management of personal data are to be tightened. Work is being done to develop routines and documentation to ensure that our platform complies with all new regulations.

At this date we can already sign a personal data assistant agreement (as a subcontractor) for our customers.

We currently have routines ready to provide, at the request of our customers, extracts of everything we know about a particular person and (on request) anonymize this data so that it can no longer be linked to a specific person. All in accordance with the law's requirements.

Description (pdf) of our management (in swedish): Description GDPR

Storage times

Call logs and call statistics

Saved for 2 years
Recordings (optional) are saved one year


Saved for 2 years


Saved for one year

Detailed user statistics

Saved for one year

Call recordins

Saved for one year

Call details (extra data)

Saved for 2 months

Original e-mails

Incomming mails are saved for 2 months
(Customers can save e-mails for them selves!
Outgoing mails are saved for 2 weeks